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Dynamic tire testing


XSensor has developed a new high-speed tire sensor to provide tire design and test engineers with accurate footprint pressure data on a timescale of milliseconds during dynamic analysis

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Inside Arctic Falls' Indoor Flex facility


Raw footage taken in the new test hall at the Swedish proving ground, scheduled to open later this month

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Michelin launches recycling campaign


The French tire maker has unveiled its ambitious future recycling strategy to ensure that by 2048, all of its tires are manufactured using 80% sustainable materials, and 100% of all end-of-life tires are recycled.

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How many years until guayule is commercially available for widespread incorporation in tires?

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At this year's Tire Technology Conference, Cooper revealed that is has successfully built a 100% guayule-based concept tire.

How many years until guayule is commercially available for widespread incorporation in tires?

Five years
10 years
15 years

Recent Polls

  • Will wet grip and tire noise tests specified in EU labeling legislation be brought into laboratories in the next five years?
  • Will natural gas ever completely replace oil as a feedstock for carbon black?
  • Will the fitment of so-called ‘intelligent’ tires ever become the norm for mainstream passenger vehicles?
  • With tougher vehicle pass-by noise standards due to come into place in 2024, will extra-wide supercar tires be superseded by narrower, quieter designs?
  • Should tire manufacturers be forced by law to use recycled rubber in new tires?
  • Will tires from Chinese manufacturers match the performance of the best tires from western producers by 2025?
  • As statistics show global demand for natural rubber could soon exceed available supply, will large-scale commercialization of guayule happen in the next five years?
  • Evidence from western economies suggests that a career in the tire industry is no longer as attractive to the best young graduates in science and engineering as in decades past. Is the industry doing enough to reverse the trend?
  • Flexibility and maximum output are the cornerstones of tire manufacturing. Do advances in automation mean they are no longer mutually exclusive?
  • Could and should more be done to make run-flat tires more competitive with conventional tires in terms of ride comfort?
  • Could and should more be done to make run-flat tires more competitive with conventional tires in terms of ride comfort?
  • Will a Tweel-style airless tire concept gain passenger car fitment approval within the next decade?
  • When will it be possible to develop measuring systems that enable the parallel assessment of tire performance and road characterization?
  • As reported in the latest issue of Tire Technology International, Yokohama has revealed a new aerodynamic tire design featuring fins that streamline airflow around the tire and vehicle. When will conceptual designs like this become a reality? 
  • If time and money were no object, how long would you like to have to fully test and validate a completely new tire?
  • Will virtual test techniques and tools, such as CAE, FEA and hardware-in-the-loop simulation, ever completely replace the need for physical tire testing?
  • How long will it be before all new tires are fitted with RFID tags?
  • Following the opening of a new indoor tire testing facility in northern Sweden - which has been designed to extend the winter testing season year-round - is it only a matter of time before OEMs start to develop their own such facilities? 
  • Will fully autonomous vehicles call for a radical design overhaul of tires? 
  • Will car manufacturers still fit wheels smaller than 17in in diameter in five years' time? 
  • If you could select only one, where would you prefer to fully verify a new tire?
  • How long before international regulators come together to develop a standardized labeling system?
  • Is this cause for concern well-founded and should tread depth limits be reassessed to ensure maximum safety?  
  • It has been said that the tire sector is male dominated. Do you think that...
  • In 2015 Goodyear presented its electricity generating concept tire for potential application on hybrid and electric vehicles where it could supply power to the batteries and on-board electronics. How long before this prototype technology makes it to production? 
  • It was recently revealed that a tire manufacturer is considering selling tires per kilometer, which could be achieved by using track and trace technology via RFID tags. Could this be a revolutionary new business model?
  • How long before F1 follows in the footsteps of Formula E and the WEC and introduces 18in tires? 
  • Is motorsport a genuine proving ground for new tire technologies or is it simply a way to grab headlines?
  • Are student tire engineers under-educated and lacking the fundamentals required to produce solid products?
  • How long before a tire manufacturer develops a graphene-based tire for mass production?
  • How long before an OEM introduces a mass market tire incorporating components made using 3D printing technology?
  • Should a permeability specification for tires be introduced?
  • Is increasing pressure from OEMs to shorten tire development programs having a negative effect on the design and testing processes?
  • When will valid first-principles-based tire models become computationally efficient enough to run in real time? 
  • When will it be possible to actively alter tire characteristics while driving?
  • Is carbon sequestration from rubber trees more than an on-paper offset to tire lifecycle resource consumption?
  • With Tire Technology Expo 2017 only a week away, which of these technologies are you looking forward to seeing the most?
  • Do you think the EU labeling scheme should be dropped?
  • Will tires for autonomous vehicles require tire-mounted sensors for accurate health monitoring, or will new developments in indirect systems provide the necessary information?
  • Do you agree?
  • Should tire makers be sharing more information with their OE partners?
  • Is the smart tire plant concept of production running almost without any human intervention a realizable dream?
  • TTI wants to know, when will the fitment of 'so-called' intelligent tires become the norm for mainstream passenger cars? 
  • How long before additive manufacturing becomes an established method of mold production in tire factories worldwide? 
  • Following on from our feature on tire recycling in the March issue of TTI, we'd like to ask, will a 100% recyclable mass market tire ever be produced? 
  • Do you agree? 
  • Do process control standards need to be tightened within factories to ensure maximum component adhesion?
  • Will new materials make a cordless injection-molded tire commercially viable in the future?
  • Once again Michelin has disregarded claims that motorists should remove tires from their vehicles when the tread depth measures 3 or 4mm - even claiming that tire performance improves as the tread wears down. Do you agree?
  • What do you think about this?
  • Are mobile phone applications, such as the recently launched Pirelli Connesso app, which provides information, services and personalized content, actually useful to consumers or just a gimmick? 
  • In his upcoming column, Greg Smith asks whether it would be useful to semi-populate a tire model with a reduced data set to save money. What do you think?
  • what will be the key to further weight reduction in future?

  • Will other suppliers of carbon black follow suit and adopt new processes that use natural gas instead of oil as a feedback?
  • Are some tire makers too focused on the aesthetics of their tread patterns at the expense of performance and safety?
  • When do you think such materials will be introduced into a mass production tire?
  • Some experts have predicted that in future, the role of traditional tire testers may diminish and will be taken over by control system engineers who will simply test the complete vehicle to ensure it does what it is supposed to do - do you agree?
  • Which of these technologies and trends do you think will be introduced to mass-market tire production in future?
  • With the advent of hybrid and electric vehicles, will traditional tires be succeeded by tall, narrower designs?
  • Do you feel you spend too much time acquiring, retrieving and handling data than you do analyzing and interpreting it?
  • As tire makers continue to develop the latest smart tire concepts and innovations, which technology would you most like to see put into production first?
  • Can you name the tire test facility in this picture?

  • Which tire maker owns this test and development facility?

  • Can you name this young Scottish visionary engineer who invented the pneumatic tire, decades before John Boyd Dunlop made a commercial success of it?
  • How much has Nokian invested in its new technology center in Spain, which is currently under construction?
  • Which tire maker owns this test and development facility?
  • How much did Bridgestone recently announce it is investing in its three key European sites in Burgos, Spain and Poznan and Stargard in Poland?
  • Can you name this winter test facility?

  • Can you name this legendary tire engineer who won the Lifetime Achievement Award in the 2015 Tire Technology Expo Awards?
  • Can you name this tire industry expert who won the Lifetime Achievement Award in the 2016 Tire Technology Expo Awards?
  • In what year did Bridgestone officially launch its first run-flat tire?
  • Which tire maker owns this winter test facility?
  • Who developed the Magic Formula Tyre Model widely used for the analysis of tire behavior?

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